Monday, August 15, 2011


It's an interesting experience to try food in different countries. Although my favorite food is Chinese food, some Turkish and German special delicious food are also leave me very deep impression.

Turkey has lots of delicious and fresh fruits. The above picture shows a kind of pear which I never seen before in other countries. There are many fruits shops along the streets at Galata, they sell fresh food and fruit juice. On the below picture it's apple juice. Fruit juice is cheap and soooo tasty.

The above picture shows the mango I bought in Germany. In Berlin, you can also find cheap and great fruits in Turkish market. Turkish market is only open on Tuesday and Friday. In the market Turkish people sell many cheap things, especially lots of cheap fruits, such as cherry, mango, peach, melon, grape and so on.


 They are sooo sweet that I have to drink lots of water after eating it. But I begin to miss them now...
They are made of honeys instead of sugar.
The sugar sells in front of the Blue Masque. It's interesting to see the man making it, but it's boring to eat all of it up.

I heard that Germany if famous for its wurst and pork knuckle, so I bought one knuckle in the U-bahn station.

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