Monday, August 15, 2011

Eat.2 Lunch & Dinner

Lunch at Culinary Institute
In Turkey we had a lunch at the Culinary Institute. That's a awesome experience. There are five dishes for the whole lunch:
 First dish--Yogurt soup. It seems that Turkish people love yogurt soup and yogurt souce very much. They serve it at almost every restaurants I went to. Yogurt soup is sour, but the taste is different from the yogurt.
 Second dish--mashed potatoes with some vegetables.
 Third dish--nang with meat balls and yogurt sauce. Nang is a special food in Turkey.
 Forth dish--dessert. The dessert is made of rice.
Fifth--Turkish tea. Turkish tea is bitter, so I have to add much sugars to make the taste better.

Lunch at University
This is a lunch at a Turkish university. It cost about 5 liras, served with rice, meat and potatoes, salad, and apricots. Having lunch at Humboldt University, Berlin with student card is also very cheap. Each meal costs about 2-3 euros.

Dinner at Fish Market
Near the Bosporus there is a fish market. They sell fresh fish and other sea food. We have a dinner in the fish market.

Dinner in Berlin
 I found a KFC and a Chinese restaurant never the Berlin Zoo. I think KFC is an american restaurant, but I never seen it before in US. On the contrast, there are many KFCs in China, and now I found one in Berlin.
This pizza is my last dinner in Berlin with my group.

I enjoyed all these food in Istanbul and Berlin. And I always feel food can also show a country's identity. Cooking, eating and serving are all showing the features of a city. Chinese love abundance and diversity, so we love to have many dishes in one meal together with family members or friends. And we take having dinner as a good way to deepen friendship , so the noisy of eating, drinking and chatting is already been a characteristic. European people are more elegant in eating. They prefer to have dishes one by one instead of having many dishes together. And most time one dish only belongs to one person, but not eat together. I never been to Latin America, but I try mexican food in US before. I my mind, Latin Americans like to put food together and sometimes eat with hand. And they have many yummy fruit juice. Like the multi-culture in US, they also have multi-food in US. I can try food from any different country all over the world in US. But the flavors are already changed. Even though I my mind hamburger is the symbol of American food, but I have to mention that they have very good beef steak.

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